No sound-minded human being would ever say with a straight face, that human classification based on color [race], is inherently necessary. "Human racial classification,"
writes Richard Lewontin in 1972, "is of no social value and is positively destructive of social and human relations." I totally agree with that. However, color-based human classification has become a social reality no one can ignore.

Race impacts our contemporary sociopolitical way of life even when many imminent scholars try to argue race into oblivion. While Europeans...

Author's Bio and Research

Kuir is a South Sudanese author, poet, publisher and political analyst living in Calgary, Alberta. He was born in war-torn Sudan but because of the aftermath of Sudanese civil war, he was forced (with my family) to seek refuge in Ethiopia at the beginning of 1987.

He holds a BA in Philosophy (major) and Political Science (minor) from McGill University in Montreal and a MA in Integrated Studies with concentration in Philosophy and Cultural Studies from Athabasca University where he undertook a Master's research project on Color and Cultural Identity (Click the link to read the paper).

Kuir's works center on personal experiences and philosophical analysis of contemporary issues. However, his then being on constant move and his experiences in different cultural environments fueled his greater desire to appreciate the thoughts formed by such experiences. He now writes fiction, nonfiction, poetry and political commentaries on Sudan (South).

He writes for different South Sudanese news organization such as Gurtong Trust, South Sudan Nation, South Sudan New Agency among others. He's also a regular contributor to TVC News based in Lagos, Nigeria.



2. Peer Review Articles

Garang, Kuir ë. 2016. Rethinking Race and Racism. Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies R
            & D, 1 (6). LINK TO THE ARTICLE IS HERE

More coming...

3. Peer Received Chapter (Invited)
    Garang, Kuir ë. 2018. "Failed Leadership: Corruption, Kleptocracy, and Democratic Exclusion." In
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4. Independent Publications
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Research Interest

Free Will and Determinism
- I see Free Will as a function of how we define a moral agent self

Race, Color-Identity and Racism

- African Immigrant youth understanding of  'Blackness.'
- Redefinition of Racism on an African context
- Separation of Skin pigmentation and human identity

Accountability Governance
- Micro-accountability
- Stream-lined daily accountability
- Self-perpetuating accountability models