Saturday, February 14, 2015


If you are to be scared of anyone in the 'West' then you should be scared of university professors and scholars. The university system is set up in a manner that seems to suggest that everybody is wrong but nobody is wrong; something is wrong but nothing is wrong; we're equal but no we're not...we know but we don't know...I'll praise you in order to undermine you; I'll smile at you but who told you I even like you at all?...

I'm not scared of the Racist with a gun, a knife, a bible...or a Racist CEO of a company! I'm scared of the western university professor writing books and articles; who sets curricula, advise the politicians and capitalists. They are the ones who determine where our sun sets! They determine whether you'll be stopped by the police, or whether that little 'white' kid will call you a nigger, or whether or not kids starve in Africa. But then...but then...they'll be the very same people trying to devise methods to prevent what they started!

Afrocentric scholars like Dr. Ben Yochannan, Cheikh Anta Diop,George James wrote extensively about Egypt and Africa...The 'west' simply dismissed their works as 'myths'  of Africans, with no history or contribution to western civilization, trying to make themselves significant by inserting themselves into the achievements of the West through Egypt! They were Africans so no one took them seriously! But when Martin Bernal (who is not African) published the 'Black Athena' it became really heard to ignore a European's voice of an Ivy League school, who made some of the very same claims that were made by Dr. Ben, Diop, James and others.

The emotional response to Martin Bernal's book would convince you why programs asking you to feed hungry African kids will continue to share air-time with programs asking you to contribute towards saving animals from extinction!

'Black Athena Revisited', a rebuttal to Martin Bernal's claims about the 'Afroasiatic' origin of Greek civilization betrayed the 'objective' nature of western scholarship! Hasty dismissiveness and scholarly emotionalism appalled me! The more I read classical and historical texts, the more I see that the perception of the African person in North America has never changed since the 17th century!

What we see now in North America, which seems to give us an impression of equality is what late Derrick Bell calls Interest-Convergence. Being harsh on the African is bad for business but not 'objectively' bad!



As someone who grew up in war conditions and lived as a refugee for a long time, I'm sometimes considered by many people in the 'west' to be prone to (or have) low self-esteem, be poor or illiterate. Living as refugees or displaced persons, who depended on the good will of others put people in a situation where they don't think much about themselves. But that's not everyone though.

As I stood by our front desk at my place work talking about Race and Identity in relation to my book, Is 'Black' Really Beautiful?, the issue of why many African peoples in North America become so over-sensitive when racial issues come up! For many rational people, this owes its origin to slavery and racial segregation.

But one of my coworkers, a person of European descent, was surprised to realize that her 'black' friend, a very intelligent woman, easily becomes irritated by simple things she [friend] considers racist. The friend considers any mention of a watermelon racist; and complains a lot about 'white privilege.' This means that discrimination is considered something 'whites' don't face because of 'white privilege.' In any discussion between 'blacks' and 'whites', 'white privilege' issue comes up!