About 'TPR'

The Philosophical Refugee is edited by Kuir ë Garang, a South Sudanese poet, author and researcher. Kuir is currently a PhD Candidate at York University where he is writing a dissertation on 'Ethics of Blackness.' He has written extensively on Sudan and South Sudan. 

The website publishes political and social commentaries and analyses on South Sudan, Africa and global issues of race and ethnic identity. The articles published on The Philosophical Refugee are meant to break the invidious circle of partisanship and ethnocentrism in South Sudan and Africa. So, the articles published here are meant to challenge, educate and encourage co-existence. 

The editor believes that issues of social justice and moral inclusion can only be cultivated if different opinions are encouraged and critiqued with professionalism. 

Submission of articles

To contact the editor or for submissions, see below. 

Critical submissions of about 500 - 800 words are welcome.  

All submissions can be critical of any social group; however, submissions intended to incite hatred toward any group of people will not be considered. Note also that the editor reserves the right to reject or edit submissions for brevity and clarity.

For those considering sending research or academic essays, please use APA referencing style or use hyperlinks for references. Articles without hyperlinks references will not be published unless there are special circumstances. 

EMAIL: kuirthiy@yahoo.com

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