Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Year's Message to You!

I could wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! But you'll have moments of happiness throughout the year so that's pretty much redundant.
However, I'm not despising that godly and traditional redundancy that has become so dear to us that saying it makes us feel showered with 'blessings.' What I know so far is that you know how to deal with happiness no matter what form it comes in.
Your lover might decide to be supererogatorily good to you as a 2013 resolution; or you might win a lottery; or you might get promotion at work...or buy that car you always wanted. But I know one thing: no matter the incidents, you'll not seek help from your friends or family regarding how to be happy when you are happy because happiness doesn't need a solution. I don't know how many days will be happy for you but I’m 100% sure you'll have some.
So wishing you happiness on the days you'll be happy anyway is presumptuously lame.

Now, sadness is all a different ball to kick. I'd want to wish you strength to face the challenges 2013 brings. Again, I'm 100% sure you'll have those sad moments and I'd want you to be strong and have a clear mind to frisk or forage for solutions to squeeze happiness out of that sadness...or more realistically, get ways to lessen the effect of sadness on you.

I wouldn't want you to pray though because, like Carlin said, god has a divine plan for you in 2013 so stop disturbing her with prayers because she's not going to change the divine plan for you. Stop being arrogant as to ask god to change her mind just for you! Who the hell do you think you are? Be humble and say: 'Whatever god wills will happen as she so wishes and I have to brace myself for whatever she's divinely set for me." So stop praying because that is arrogant. Have respect for god because she'd put some divine thoughts into the plan so don't think you know better than god as to force her to change her mind.

And if you want her to be sorry for you, then remember, she knows why she gives you those plights and tribulations and she knows how you feel about them and how they affect you. So stop acting like she doesn't know how you feel because she gave you the feelings, remember?

So, I wish you all the strength of will to stand up to the sadness and challenges of 2013 and be like: bring it on! And by the way, entering 2013 is a choice. It’s a mental game that gives you an impression that there’s something/someplace you are entering into; and that you have no choice but to enter! Boo! You could remain in 2012 or go back to any year if you wanted; by making 2012 to have a given number of days or by making it other words, device your own calendar. You know damn well that some people entered 2013 before you! And, Oh dear! Ethiopians are still way way way away from 2013!

Dividing time up was for statistical convenience so if it proves inconveniencing then do away with it! Christians plagiarized a pagan tradition and called it Christmas. You’d not be the only crazy one!

But don't change the calendar please! It'd show that you're weak, or unimaginative like the Christians, who know that Jesus was born in the fall not winter but they still chose a day that was already being celebrated. Talk of George’s 1984! Usurping and power misappropriation! Who could celebrate the end of summer? I couldn't! I don't care about the beautiful colors of fall; it's time to mourn summer! Winter? Yes! Who’d hate the white stuff?


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Dear Melbournians, the South Sudanese people to be precise. Do you think we have seen it all? Do you think we have seen that: I mean in the aftermath of yesteryears, in regard to our culture and the notions around identity and belonging? Do you think we have seen the true reaping of what we sowed years ago? Do you really think so? After all, did we really sow anything like seeds and that there’s something to be reaped? Did we really live it out well to be seen today?

I am sorry to have bothered you, my potential readers, with questions regarding our social, economic, and political location in our host society: Australia. I think we have not seen it all and as a whole: The idea that people are bound by certain values and beliefs of significance to them. This requires cooperation and role-specific obligations on the roles of every man and woman across a given people and their society.


While it is possible for us to racially discriminate or judge people we know, the chances of judging people we know diminish significantly the more we know them. An easy example of the importance of understanding others is the attitude people develop when they want to harm others or when they want to deny them something valuable. Essentially, before you fight someone, you insult them. Insults are attempts at diminishing the value of people, an attempt at estranging them, as Toni Morrison argued in The Origin of Others. It is easy to discriminate against strangers or make others strangers or dehumanized in order to discriminate against them.

Transformational Leadership, Inclusive Institutions and Service Provision

Leadership, given what is happening now in South Sudan, and generally in Africa, fascinates me. And it fascinates me not in a good way but because of the sociopolitical and socioeconomic ills facing the African continent and most of the so-called 'Third World.' To me, South Sudan, now, is a classic case.

Rebellion by disaffected politico-military leaders and repression by the government of South Sudan in Juba have stunted institutional development and leadership growth. This has made service provision almost irrelevant as political survival has taken primacy and supremacy. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

‘Black’ as an Identity Oversimplification and Mockery

Black as a universalized cultural identity of the African Person (AP)* is a residual effect of slave and colonial mentality; a racial/race paradigm. It is a malady I call, conservatively speaking, stuck-in-the-past syndrome of color constraints. Black could be an on-the-street ‘social identifier’ of race figures not a meaningful phenomenon of deep cultural identification on a universal scale.

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