Saturday, December 28, 2013


Leaders get my wrath no matter who they are! Below is a quote from an article I wrote in July: 'Whimsical Decision Making and Dysfunctional Political Party.'*
"And how naïve would someone criticize the boss, tells the boss ‘I want your job’ and expects the boss to say ‘go ahead, take my job…you are a great man!’ I don’t know which world Riek Machar is living in. What he’s saying regarding the country is admittedly the general truth; that the country is off the cliff and something has to change to salvage it, however, this doesn’t mean entering into the culture of ‘care-free-ness.’ An able leader would seek helpful ways of solving problems. You don’t get to criticize your boss, an uncritical boss for that matter, and get to keep your job. What were you smoking, Mr. Machar? Ambition intoxication?"
Okay, Dr. Machar, I get it! We all know Kiir is incompetent, corrupt and naïve as a leader. We also know that he mismanaged SPLM's internal problems and he mishandled the events leading to December 15, 2013 mutiny in Juba and the events that followed. We know he formed a naïve, needless independent group of guards who mindlessly orchestrated deaths of many innocent Nuer civilians in Juba. And that, conscientious South Sudanese would condemn.

President Kiir led us to this mess! I give that to you!

But...but removing Kiir by military means is not only wrong but stupid! You've reminded people of 1991 in ways that'll take infinity to do away with. But don't be like mathematicians because infinity is not a number but a situation! I've not heard you sending a clear message of civilians' protection, especially the residents of Pariang and Abiemnom...and now Bor (again!)

- Blood in your hands   - Twice!
- Coming back to SPLM - Twice, inevitably!
- Fighting your former boss - Twice
- Saying things that don't check with reality - several times
-  Leading a rebellion - Twice
- Marrying a 'white' lady - Twice
- Shooting civilians on your way to 'democracy' - twice (Well, I know your grievances in the SPLM were genuine democratic calls until you supported an armed rebellion--bad idea!)
- Being supported by Gadet - Twice!
- You captured and lost the town of Bor - twice
- You'll sit on a government chair after blood has been spilled - Twice
- Will you be forgiven....Twice?
- Arming innocent young Nuer men and women - Twice!
- Being deserted by colleagues after misappropriating a noble cause - Twice, inevitably!

Stop the madness and save innocent civilians. You're testing the patience of African leaders and the international fellows. I hope you're educated and wise enough to know what that means.

Dr. Machar, the truth you were trying to get or establish within SPLM, has been or is getting lost in your support of rebellion and the loss of innocent lives!




As someone who grew up in war conditions and lived as a refugee for a long time, I'm sometimes considered by many people in the 'west' to be prone to (or have) low self-esteem, be poor or illiterate. Living as refugees or displaced persons, who depended on the good will of others put people in a situation where they don't think much about themselves. But that's not everyone though.

As I stood by our front desk at my place work talking about Race and Identity in relation to my book, Is 'Black' Really Beautiful?, the issue of why many African peoples in North America become so over-sensitive when racial issues come up! For many rational people, this owes its origin to slavery and racial segregation.

But one of my coworkers, a person of European descent, was surprised to realize that her 'black' friend, a very intelligent woman, easily becomes irritated by simple things she [friend] considers racist. The friend considers any mention of a watermelon racist; and complains a lot about 'white privilege.' This means that discrimination is considered something 'whites' don't face because of 'white privilege.' In any discussion between 'blacks' and 'whites', 'white privilege' issue comes up!