Wednesday, January 1, 2014

South Sudan, I Cry for You!

When we become imbecile

In living memory you were well guarded
In wild bushes roamed true heroes well regarded
Innumerable fools now and you’re discarded
Freedom finished us to be relatively free
Freedom fighters now continue to decrease
Across the river is a bunch of power douche
A long of the flanks of the Nile; ecstasy and booze
Freedom is now my fictitious invention
The near fellow has authenticated my assumption
South Sudan, I cry for you!

Ministers with brains full of maggots!
Tomfoolery across the board if you forgot
The old farts are all brain dead
The na├»ve young can’t define the nation’s fate
Tribe and power the deathly combination
Luxurious education the young observation
They passed through and back with new bargain
Hatred they breathe but deny it all the same
South Sudan, I cry for you!

Tribes are dying under the orange Sun
Self-righteous tribes believed the only sons
Death on the streets but the educated celebrate
Stupidity ubiquitous and indeterminate
Only a few I’ve seen truly mourning
A pained heart, no hate ...come what morning!
Future leaders are fools in educated skin
Tribism celebrated in rejecting tribalism
I’m so sad in this douche bag’s prism
South Sudan, I cry for you!

Imbecility is all I see around
After sanity who’ll be held to account
Respect will become a commodity
How would I dispense it? Such an oddity!
Filthy mouths can’t even make us breathe
Dodos thoughts, words flying…just read!
Yesterday like today, filled with mediocrity
Tomorrow the death of alacrity
South Sudan, I cry for you!

(c) Kuir Garang

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