Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson, Political Myopia and Sociopolitical illiteracy

"I guess it depends on what the faith is. If it’s inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter."
        “No, I do not. I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

          Dr. Ben S. Carson.

Having seen the negative response to his vile, ignorant, bigoted and irresponsible comments, Dr. Carson tried to rationalize his comments by saying he only meant Muslims who follow ‘Sharia Law.’ It’s so sad that a highly respected Neurosurgeon didn’t find it fit to acquaint himself with Islam in order to separate bigots in Islam and the average, peaceful Muslim!
Dr. Carson, a man who prides himself in the value of education is embracing values (or vices I should say) that negate the essence of what he’s spent his life drumming onto young people’s ears: education.
A man whose ancestors and people (African-Americans) were treated like animals in America and denied the juice of the American niceties had forgotten the recent past. He’s now assumed the position of the oppressor, who decides who is to benefit from what and why! Instead of championing inclusiveness and criticize what affects the average American, the good Dr. Ben embraced the don’t-care-attitude of the American South that dreams of bringing back racial segregation, and even slavery.

But some people see Dr. Carson's comments about a Muslim not becoming president of United States through the prism of realist school of thought. This means he's appealing, in a pragmatic sense, to a selected, disillusional lot who dream of bringing back the past: "Bringing Our Country Back!"  Still, others see his responses as an honest visceral response regarding what he feels; that is, he doesn't want to be diplomatic (or lie like other politicians) by saying what's not in his heart.  And bizarrely though, there are those who are applauding Dr. Carson because his response appeals to their myopic, denigrating utopian puritanism of the American past. This past, which Dr. Carson would not want brought back, is what he's exploiting.
Yesterday it was 'Whites Only' for President but now, as Dr. Carson wants us to believe, it's "Christians Only for President."
It’s true to say that Islam is more prone to vengeful politicization and violence than any other religion NOW on earth; however, it’s ignorant to use small, mindless, literalists to generalize 5 million Americans. How many Muslims in America are suicide bombers? How many Muslims in America treat woman in a subservient manner?  How many Muslims in America embrace the literalist application of 'Sharia Law'? Is it wise for a respected doctor to equate all Muslim Americans with the likes of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Shabab?

There are American Muslims who are doctors and treat everyone with equality and respect! There are Muslim professors and teachers who teach children with equality and respect! And there are even Muslim Americans in the military and law enforcement who protect all Americans with pride and pure patriotism. It’s vile for the Dr. Ben to use non-Americans to judge all Muslim Americans!
Why can’t the good doctor use his campaign staff to get some quantitative, sociological studies to see how many Muslims fall into the doctor’s close-minded rationalization of issues? So being a republican candidate makes people hate facts and embrace the world of emotive irrationality! How can Dr. Carson look young Muslim Americans in the eye and tell them: “I’ll be your president and I’ll protect your right. But remember there are things I’d not allow you to enjoy!”


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