Saturday, October 26, 2019

Nobody will escape the wrath of God

By Pal Chol Nyan*

The conflict in South Sudan has created a situation of uncertainty leaving the people despondent. People don't know what lies in store for them. They are left vulnerable. Their future and that of the children are bleak and hopes dashed.

There is nothing in sight for a better future. Some people became what they should not have been if all had been well and procedural. What works is nepotism and favoritism.

Those most considered for jobs are children of the liberators, who are now generals and politicians allied to the ruling party, SPLM.

Personally, I wouldn't boast of something or position I have not worked or had training for as a matter of modesty. I won't move heads up for something that is not within my domain. That is what brought about this mess. You find people doing what is not within their domain.

This issue of ‘it is our turn to eat’ is what brought this country down to its feet.

I will not be comfortable ‘eating’ stolen money with pride; it is not good to brag of being rich when all and sundry know it is a loot, a polluted wealth for that matter. Riches obtained overnight don't last long.

There is no blessing with such wealth. Eat well but the citizens will continue to preserve their integrity and honesty. It is not bad to be rich, but the question is how that wealth is found? Is it through a backdoor or your own sweat?

I am told most of these leaders were tailing classes during their school days. They have brought the same dullness to public offices in form of poor performance and theft of public funds with impunity. They have become superiors by default. In the past, those who used to be sent to school mostly where I come from were those kids not doing well at home. They were those who used not to look after goats or cattle well.

They were considered liabilities at home and their best place was for them to be sent to schools or towns, a formal way of keeping them away from homes where they were never helpful. Besides, the children of the chiefs and local mamurs were those who were sent to school knowingly.

There are nonentities who found themselves, by default, in positions of authority for which they have not labored but at the expense of those who physically fought in the bushes of Southern Sudan.

Having become what they are now, they began to have inflated egos little did they know they are putting on shoes that don't fit them as can be seen in how they conduct themselves in public fora.

Their exploitation of the current war situation made them disrespectful and conceited.
Time will come when the truth shall triumph, and all will be done on merits.

The judgment day for those who forge certificates will come. The day of reckoning is near for the corrupt and the killers. God will be and is on the side of the disadvantaged.


The author is a concerned citizen and an opinion writer who has written extensively on South Sudanese political, social and economic issues. Email

Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in the article do not reflect the views of "The Philosophical Refugee" but that of the author. 

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