Wednesday, December 30, 2020

In South Sudan one day...

By Yien Wil Mayuak Nyoch*


"We will let our intellectuals know that being educated is not about sitting idly at tea shops or being appointed to a certain political position, but it is about putting the skills one learns at school to practice. We will let them know that the value of education is the use of what is learned at school for the development of the society."

Current road conditions in South Sudan 

We (the patriotic citizens) will challenge our corrupt politicians by ceasing hotel accommodations and proving to them that spending money in hotels cannot take us anywhere. We will tell them that sending their children abroad for a better education instead of establishing a better education system in the country can only make South Sudan a benefactor of other countries with about 80% of the country’s budget spent in foreign countries.

The country will be democratized where anyone will respect the law and no one will be above the law. The power will be decentralized in order to avoid the accumulation of power in the hands of few. Free, fair and periodic elections will be conducted to avoid the clinging to power and ensure that there is a peaceful transfer of power. We will make sure that the army does not involve in state affairs. The army will only involve in external defense and every citizen will know his/her right without being scared by military personnel as it is happening today. Democratic debates will be summoned in the country and it is through those debates where national issues will be discussed. Everyone will have the right of expression. The parliament will be democratized where government officials will question who they wish to, including the president. The constitution will be a democratic constitution which will not be in the favor of the few as it is today, it will be drafted in such a way that it protects every citizen in the country.

The people of South Sudan will know both their human and democratic rights. They will know their human rights like the right to live, liberty and security. They will also know their democratic rights such as right of freedom of expression, right to elect and to be elected, right to prosperity and religious right. By knowing this, they will be able to enjoy both their human and democratic rights. They will also know their responsibilities to fulfill.

We will surprise and disappoint our corrupt politicians with an idea that every politician including the National MPs, state MP and National and state ministers is going to stay at his/her home so that the huge budget that is wasted in hotels can be allocated to development. We will tell our corrupt politicians to use their salaries if they prefer staying in hotels than staying at their homes.

We will not allow the ministers to only stay at offices without visiting the sectors to which they lead. We will make sure that the minister of finance abolishes corruption by implementing strict rules in the finance sector and checks every economic sector throughout the country to be aware that appropriate investment modalities are implemented. We will make sure that the minister of agriculture transforms the agricultural sector by incurring the modern farming system in the country in order to escalate the food production and to do so, the minister will be sure that the bee farming, sericulture and horticulture sectors are producing with surplus throughout the countries and hence, dependency on foreign aids will be abandoned.

We will make sure that the Minister of health transforms the health sector by employing competent health workers and establishing strong healthcare throughout the country. We will make sure that the minister of education declares free education starting from kindergarten to university, we will be sure that quality education is obtained in the country by employing competent teachers and giving them good salaries, we will make sure that the minister of education accommodate the teachers in schools and universities so that they will be satisfied and pursue their career, we will make sure that fair university entrance examination system is established and students get free university through their scores in the entrance examination, we will make sure that public universities are established throughout the country, at least five public universities per state where students can be accommodated freely whereby the students will get free food, water and bed in the campus throughout their studies. We will make sure that every ministry is promoting the development in the country.

We will make sure that every national ministry is cooperating with all the respective state ministries to ensure that things are going well from top to bottom. We will make sure that the states governors are doing the same to their ministers and state commissioners. We will push national MPs, national ministers to work for development and make sure that no time or money is wasted in hotels. We will be sure that the state governors do the same thing to states MPs, state ministers and county commissioners. We will make sure as well that the county commissioners apply the same rule to the county directors and payams administrators and the administrative hierarchy can go on and on. By doing so, corruption will be abolished in the country and people will work hard for the development of the country. We will make sure that all the government workers are regularly paid without any salary delay so that they can work assiduously in all the sectors.

One day

We will make sure that youth are employed prior to their graduation and one will be employed only in the sector of the field to which he/she studied. We will make sure that agriculture graduates are not employed in the finance sector. We will also make sure that health graduates are not employed in the agricultural sector. We will make sure that what will take one to a certain job is his/her skill whereby uncle or aunt will not be the guarantee for one to be employed. By doing so the right skills at the right place will escalate the development of the country. Employing people with the right skills at the wrong place and vice versa is a prominent contradictory and impediment to the development.

One day

We will let our intellectuals know that being educated is not about sitting idly at tea shops or being appointed to a certain political position, but it is about putting the skills one learns at school to practice. We will let them know that the value of education is the use of what is learned at school for the development of the society. By considering and understanding so, they will put into practice what they learn at school for the development of the country. They will be involved in farming activities by using their knowledge to increase food production. They will involve in different types of business extensively which will be initiated by the government, the government will lend money to those who are interested in doing business.

One day

Our ladies will have confidence in themselves, they will contribute to the development of the country and have pride in themselves. We will make sure that skin bleaching chemicals are banned from entering the country so that our ladies will no longer be the victims of skin bleaching. Our ladies will not be forced to abandon skin bleaching, but they will be involved in different training programs which will promote their confidence in their black skins. They will be taught about the disadvantages of skin bleaching and how beautiful they are with their black skins. The program will be funded financially to encourage the ladies to abandon skin bleaching which only disables them because a lady with bleached skin can no longer have healthy skin. A bleached skin cannot heal when injured and it is very difficult for the person with bleached skin to work normally in blue collar work. By teaching so, our ladies will be proud of their black skin and such obnoxious skin bleaching will be let go.

Girls will have an equal chance for education with boys. They will have access to education and be given an equal chance for employment after graduation. They will be the proud members of our country and gender will not be the criterion to be accepted or rejected in any position. Our women throughout the country will not only gossip as it is today but they will work diligently in agricultural, military, education, business and health sectors as equal as men. Our women will be proud and realize their worth when it comes to developing the country, they will realize that house is not only what they deserve.

One day

Development goals will be planned and implemented. We will extensively invest in the agriculture sector in order to defeat hunger and dependency for food on the foreign aids. With the fertile land we have in the country, foods of different varieties can be produced. Edible trees, grains, vegetables and leguminous plants will be cultivated in large quantities throughout the country which will help in stabilizing the economy because with such a production of food in large quantities, the price of the foods will be very cheap and everyone including those with low income will survive.

We will make sure that every part of the country has access to electricity, and this will be possible by building big dams that will generate enough electric power. We will make sure that hospitals are built throughout the country. Good healthcare will be obtained everywhere in the country; from cities to villages and to do so, good hospitals will be built; competent health workers will be recruited and employed with good salaries in those hospitals.

We will make sure that everyone in the country has access to clean drinking water. The ministry of water resources and irrigation will endow everyone in the country with clean water by wisely using the abundant water resource in the country. Irrigation will be used to boost the agricultural sector inducing the availability of food with surplus in the country. The water resource in the country will be managed and used wisely to support the livelihood of the citizens.

Using the budget that is currently wasted on hotel accommodations, roads will be built across the country connecting town to town and state to state so that it will be easy to travel and transport goods from one area of the country to another. Railways will be constructed linking countries to neighboring countries so that it will be easy to import and export goods. Roads that can connect city to city, city to village and village to village will be constructed and hence, modern mean of transport will be viable not only in dry season as it is now but throughout the year.

Education will be free in the country starting from kindergarten to university so that all the children in the country will have access to education and there will be no inaccessibility to education based on the economic status of the parents.  More public universities will be established in the country and students who pass the secondary school national examination will be accommodated freely in those universities in the same year they sit for the exam. The students will get free food, dormitory and teaching in those public universities. The placement to those public universities will be done by the national ministry of higher education and students according to their scores will be allocated to different fields of study. The students will be placed randomly to every university in all the states in the country and getting the university in your own state will be by chance. Such a random placement will help students to have knowledge about the diversity in the country. It will also help them to learn how to live with people who are not only from his/her tribe because a student from Equatoria region may be randomly placed to the university to Upper Nile region or Bhar el Ghazal region and vice versa.

The fishery sector will be modernized; fish will be managed and used wisely and more fish companies will be established in the country which will create job opportunities for South Sudanese. With the fishery potential the country has, the fish will be exported to other countries. The fish will contribute to diet and economy. The wildlife sector will be modernized and wildlife management will be maintained to attract tourists in different parts of the world which will generate income. The livestock sector will be considered as of importance as well for the economy of the country. All these will be made possible by the ministry of the respective sector because the ministers will not only stay in hotels wasting time and money, rather, they will implement plans that will supplement development in the country. The country will prosper at a jet-like speed.

A large number of companies will be established in the country. Food production companies, textile companies, brewing companies, fish processing companies and so on and so forth will be established in the country. Such companies will employ thousands of South Sudanese which will lead to the reduction of unemployment in the country.

Oil will not be the only source of income. The agriculture sector, fishery sector, livestock sector, mining sector and business sector will all escalate the gross domestic product of the country. Dollar crisis that has today pulverized our economy will no longer be the threat because there will be no dependency on foreign products for food and other products that would be produced in the country. With the availability of those products in the country, the local currency will have value over dollar and this will give a tremendous credit to our local currency and the exchange will not be unfair as it is now.

One day

The usage of alcohol will not be as catastrophic as it is today. Our people will not use alcohol frequently and irresponsibly as it is today because they will be busy with work, if there is a need to drink alcohol, it will be only at the nighttime after returning from work. Drinking alcohol at night after work is not violent nor is it disadvantageous because the person drinks and sleeps which is contradictory to daytime drinking where the person avoids going for work and causes violence. We will make sure that people are advised not to drink alcohol during the daytime by their employees. The employees will set rules against alcohol during the daytime and almost everyone in the country will be aware that drinking alcohol during the day time is the enemy of progress. The people will be aware that drinking alcohol during the daytime is against the peaceful coexistence and the development, hence, the country will have a lot of responsible people like other countries. Development will be the order of the day

One day

Tribalism which is inflicted among South Sudanese will be weeded out of the country because without the absent of tribalism there can be no progress. Tribalism is the absence of equality; it occurs when people feel segregated based on their tribes. Tribalism makes people very weak because it empowers some tribe and marginalizes others. Tribalism is the rationale for the destruction of so many African countries because a tribalism engulfed society cannot see beyond tribe. Such a society does not choose the good leader; each tribe only tries its best to make sure one of their own becomes the leader instead of who has ideas that can take the country forward. Such a tribal ideology has favored corrupt leaders who don’t have leadership skills because tribal support is what gives them power to deteriorate countries.

South Sudanese are all engulfed by tribalism which leads them to have short sight restricted to their tribes. Such tribalism was incurred by tribal segregation and inequality imposed by the corrupt leaders. The tribal segregation empowered some tribes and marginalized others and hence, South Sudanese feel so different. The empowered tribes feel so superior while the marginalized tribes feel so inferior. This catastrophe can retard the development in the country because it makes people very weak. The members of the empowered tribes will not believe in their skill, but they will believe that tribalism will put them everywhere they want. The members of the marginalized tribes on the other hand will be hopeless and will not believe in their skills as well because they will think that no matter how best they are they will be ignored based on their tribes. As a result, the country can collapse because none of the two groups will work hard for the country.

Tribalism will be abolished among South Sudanese by promoting equality in every sector. When tribal segregation is abolished, people will feel equal and will believe only in their skills. When people are equal in every sector, they will believe only in hard working for them to be accepted and promoted in certain institutions and the country can be developed in a jet like speed. 

One day

We the patriotic citizens of South Sudan will ameliorate the country by working hard in every sector. South Sudan will be very prosperous. GDP will be high; literacy rate will be high and life expectancy will be very high. This is the ambition of every patriotic citizen of South Sudan. I am very hopeful that one day we will see such an ambition come true and hence, we will all do our best in any sector we work.

*Yien Wil Mayuak Nyoch is a Pan Africanist and African cultures activist who can be reached via his email at or

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