Tuesday, April 29, 2014


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 'White Power', 'Racism' and 'White Supremacy' are some of the sociopolitical, socioeconomic, ethnocentric concept that've been completely conceptualized in a manner that's detrimental to anyone who's determined to either challenge them or attempt to get rid of them.
It's a great fallacy to try to do away with a social malady by tackling it in the very same manner the instigator of that given social ill wants you to understand it.

Racism, WS and WP are ways devised to make them appear better and more emotionally desirable to the instigators and more mentally destructive to the intended target. Racist people want you to see them in the very way they treat you. Being 'Racist' towards you is another way of saying that 'I'm bigger, better and more valuable than you are'  while knowing deep inside them that they are wrong. And they make sure they do this by making you feel bad not about what they say but about yourself. Instead of looking at what they say and ridiculing it, you feel sorry for yourself and ask them not to say again what they said.

Asking them not to say what they say about you and making you feel sorry for yourself is a control scheme they always want you to stay in if you're not smart enough to look through their scheme.
What targets of 'Racism' don't ask themselves is what person would hate people who are not their equals? Why do these people feel the way they feel; that is, being 'Racist?' They hate that you are their equal and money and power can't change that. Doh!

Being 'Racist' is a way of hiding the feeling that says that "I've realized that we are equals but that's one reality I can't allow." These people are tormented. Their money, their power, their conceptualized 'racial superiority' can't save them from their feeling of inadequacy; the feeling of equality they dread to death.
Before you feel sorry for yourself, just know that 'Racists' are tormented people'; tormented by the reality they've come to know and which they hate; and by the realities which time and history will do nothing about but just ACCEPT. The true nature of things is working against the 'Racist' everyday. He sees them change in the way he doesn't like and groan painfully!

"I'm sorry Racist but that's how it's gonna be! You can deny it but were are equals! The sooner you accept it the sooner you'll be happy!" Says me. What says you?

NB: Inspired by my book: Is 'Black' Really Beautiful?

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